Well it was small. But that was to be expected. So, thanks to those of you who turned up to see what it was all about and a special thank you to those of you who wrote an alphabet story. All different and pretty clever – especially with those pesky XYZs!

For those of you who were unable to make it here’s a summary of the evening:

We decided that the groups would be a xof support, constructive criticism and general chit chat.

We talked about how to focus and structure each meeting and decided that homework exercises will be useful for this, as well as theming each meeting to only talk about a particular thing, such as character development, spelling and grammar, use of imagery etc etc. Again, if anyone has a particular theme that they would like to suggest we cover do tell me and I’ll make sure we cover it.

I do have an author coming to the November meeting to give us a workshop and we decided that the subject we would like her to cover is – writing gripping openings. So that’s November’s meeting sorted!

However, before that, we will meet on 12 October, at 7pm, at Lee Rosy’s for our second meeting. I will set the homework over the weekend but for now it will involve giving you the end of a story and you have to write what happens before. However, at the moment I’m being terrorised by a large 8-legged creature and can’t concentrate on coming up with something appropriate! *squeals*

I’ll also post up more details of the November meeting soon. For now, I am going to start an email update as well as this blog so if you want to send me your email address please either DM me at @writingatrosys on Twitter, join the Facebook page or email writingatthewalk@hotmail.com