Right, so here are the details of October’s meeting.

Wednesday 12 October at 7pm, Lee Rosy’s tea rooms, Broad Street Nottingham.

The group in the first meeting suggested that we theme each meeting and then put forward this challenge.

“You’ll give us the ending of a story and we’ll come up with what happened before…”

Thanks chaps.

So should we theme the meeting around this? The alphabet story challenge let us think and talk about how we used language and particular words. (For reference we did discuss novels by Genet and also Mark Dunn’s Ella Minnow Pea) Trying to think of an ending, I faffed about on the internet (future meeting themes: classic procrastination techniques) and found this article about great endings in American literature. The writer says this: “It’s not easy to write about endings. To appreciate a great ending, you need to
experience the whole work. Disembodied
endings can seem like uprooted trees, ripped from their life source.”

So that’s what I’m going to loosely theme the meeting about. And the ending? Here you go:

The man finally removed his mask, leaving it to hang at the back of his head. It was only then that the little boy walked towards him, holding out one hand, uncertain. The two of them stepped onto the boat and went down to the galley, the man closing the door firmly behind them.

Nothing longer than 1,000 words please. Thanks. See you next month!

P.S. In November we have a visiting live author coming to give a workshop. Megan Taylor will be talking about openings and using images so please do try and make it! November 9, 7pm, Lee Rosy’s.