So January’s meeting went well – descriptions proved to be pretty tough. We were all very careful to stress how many books we had in our front room and how the TV was “hardly ever switched on.” But we did well! and welcomed a new member Sara to the group – let’s hope she comes back. Sara did point out that new members might notbe able to find us easily so I’m thinking of wearing a jaunty hat, large ridiculous flower in my hair or sit waving a flag at one table just to be noticeable. If anyone has a sensible suggestion then please let me know.

The next meeting is usual time and place (7pm, Lee Rosy’s tea rooms) on 8th February. This month we will be welcoming local author Megan Taylor to the group. She will be running a workshop for us on writing gripping openings and imagery. Exciting stuff and I for one cannot wait for the session which is sure to be very useful indeed.

If you have openings – short stories, novels, anything – to bring along to the session then please do. But don;t worry too much – if you don’t have anything to bring.

So there’s not really any homework this month – don’t stop writing though! And if you have any ideas for exercises we can do in the group (usually about 5 minutes long) then please bring them along.

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