Thanks to those of you who came to February’s meeting with Megan Taylor – I thought it was really useful and have been working on my picture-inspired story as a result. Who knows what will come of it. Our especial thanks to Megan for giving up her evening to work with us – I think everyone found it really useful and enjoyable. She’s welcome back any time!

Our next meeting will be on 14 March, 7pm at Lee Rosy’s tea rooms. I’m sure they’re all hoping we leave more promptly this time (though they were too polite to say they were closing last week – that’s certainly what it looked like…)

And homework? Well, let’s continue with the picture theme for another month shall we? Find yourself a picture to inspire a story – here are a few websites that you might like to try.

Writing Fix

Creativity portal’s daily prompt site

Weslyan writing blog post

How long shall we say? About 500 words? Don’t worry too much – it’s just an exercise. Bring the picture along so we can see it, please!

See you then!