Thanks to you who came to the April meeting – the homework turned out to be harder than we thought! But yet again, we managed to produce a variety of stories from the news item. But only one of us went for a sympathetic mother – clearly some Freudian issues to work out there…

Anyway, we were also very efficient indeed in getting the next few dates agreed on. This is partly as I should be tending to the needs of a small squalling thing in the next few weeks so here you go:
Wednesday 9 May 7pm Broadway Mezz bar (upstairs) Just a one-off this month as there’s a poetry event at Rosy’s

Homework: To write a scene or scenario with a person in (can include dialogue) that manages to get across a description of the person involved without writing anything obviously descriptive. Essentially, we were talking about how hard and sometimes dull it can be to write/ read a descriptive passage. Nick prefers ‘showing not telling’ as a style so this is an exercise to try and accomplish that. Don’t make it any longer than 500 words and once you’ve read it out we can try and guess what the person looks like.
There’s then a long gap till the next meeting (blame Bev) (not really)

Wednesday 20 June 7pm Rosy’s
Wednesday 11 July 7pm Rosy’s
We talked for a while about what we wanted to look at over the next few months and so I write down all the suggestions we came up with for this and you can ponder how to do them – all suggestions welcome.
Rewriting: Several people wanted to do something about rewriting or reworking a piece of work. We had two suggestions about this: – for us all to work on a rewrite of a piece of work – possibly by one of us, something in rough draft form, and see what we came up with – to take an existing piece of writing (this could be something already published) and rewrite it in our own words. This would give us the advantage of not having to worry about what happens next so you can really examine the words used.
There was also a suggestion to write something about the Queen for the Jubilee.
And finally, we liked the idea of writing the same story but in different genres.
So there you go! There’s a lot of homework potential there and if anyone wants to contribute any other suggestions or ideas about how to do these in a different way please do let me know. Comments below, like the Facebook page or tweet us @writingatrosys