Thanks to those of you who braved the chilly weather and sadly lukewarm hot chocolate to be at January’s group. I originally said that we weren’t going to have a February meeting but we’ve had a meet up requested so forget that! We’ll meet!

Now, February is Nottingham’s inaugural Festival of Words and there are lots of events on which is mainly why I thought we’d postpone. I’VE CHANGED THE DATE!! WE’LL HAVE THE GROUP A WEEK LATER THAN USUAL SO I’LL SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY AT 7. This is different to originally posted so please change diaries. My apologies to anyone who is inconvenienced by this.

Again, I won’t set homework but if you want to bring along something to share please do. Thanks to all of you who said useful and encouraging things about the first bit of my novel that I subjected you to – I’m really grateful for your advice and feedback.

If this is a dreadful day to pick, let me know and we can change it. Otherwise, I’ll see you on Wednesday 2o February, 7pm at Lee Rosy’s team rooms, Broad Street, Nottingham!