February saw us desperately trying to make sense of my notes from the Festival of Words and eventually giving up while also earwigging a conversation on the next table. A first date – we can only wonder how it turned out. I can’t imagine she was too impressed by his cardigan though. The geek look was not for him. (puts claws away, resumes)

And excitingly we welcomed a new member who bravely approached us mid-session. If anyone has any ideas about how people who are new can find us (beyond the felt burger0 please do let me know. So welcome to Chris and let’s hope we didn’t scare him off too much. Please come again!

The exercise we chose managed to divide the group neatly into people who wrote charming and touching stories about lost love and those of us who wrote grisly stories about hacking your wife’s head off.

Anyway, we decided on a date for next month and bravely went ahead with some homework. So, here it is:

Wednesday 13 March at 7pm in Lee Rosy’s (upstairs, not in the basement) with a felt hamburger on the table until we think of something better.

Your homework: to write a story, of up to 1,000 words (but we’re happy to have much shorter, don’t panic) that ends with these words. “Thanks for marrying me. Two words always.”

The homework is a lesson to all of us in final lines of a novel as the book we chose this from had a terrible closing line and this is the last 2 sentences of the acknowledgements. Much more interesting.

Also, what I’ll do is send out an email a few days before the group and it would be just splendid if you could then send your story round to all of us so that we get a chance to read it before the group.

See you next month!