March’s meeting was a bumper critiquing session – of our tea stories, of Victoria’s gun story and of The Hours. The tea stories are nearly there – just a few edits from Chris and Nick and we’re ready to talk publication and distribution so bring all ideas and abilities to the next meeting and we can get this baby on the road. So to speak.

The next meeting is on 9 April, 7pm, Lee Rosy’s Tea Room, Broad Street, Nottingham. Your homework is to have a good look through the Seed Packets that I sent round a few weeks ago and to bring your thoughts about the plot vs premise one (and possibly copies of your three favourite books if you’ve got them easily to hand) (that’s favourite books, not ones you think will make you look good. Thought somehow I doubt we’re all secretly reading The Da Vinci Code…) for us to talk about and then review for the blog. If you happen to be a new person hoping to come long, please leave a comment below and I can email you the seed packets OR just think about your three favourite novels and decide what it is that you like about them.