Thanks to those of you who braved the chilly weather and sadly lukewarm hot chocolate to be at January’s group. I originally said that we weren’t going to have a February meeting but we’ve had a meet up requested so forget that! We’ll meet!

Now, February is Nottingham’s inaugural Festival of Words and there are lots of events on which is mainly why I thought we’d postpone. I’VE CHANGED THE DATE!! WE’LL HAVE THE GROUP A WEEK LATER THAN USUAL SO I’LL SEE YOU ON WEDNESDAY 20 FEBRUARY AT 7. This is different to originally posted so please change diaries. My apologies to anyone who is inconvenienced by this.

Again, I won’t set homework but if you want to bring along something to share please do. Thanks to all of you who said useful and encouraging things about the first bit of my novel that I subjected you to – I’m really grateful for your advice and feedback.

If this is a dreadful day to pick, let me know and we can change it. Otherwise, I’ll see you on Wednesday 2o February, 7pm at Lee Rosy’s team rooms, Broad Street, Nottingham!


Happy New Year everyone! And Happy New Writing resolution if you’re the sort of person to make resolutions. And if you and your resolution is to come to a creative writing group then you’re in the right place!

We are meeting on a Thursday this month, for a change and a one-off special, so we hope to see you on 17 January at Lee Rosy’s tea room, Broad Street, Nottingham at 7pm. I’ve told one new member already that I will have a felt hamburger on the table as a means of spotting us. So many people in Rosy’s look like hip writer types that I thought it would be helpful to offer some kind of emblem.

We’ll do some kind of writing exercise at the group but if you’re feeling keen and have something that you’d like us to feed back on, please bring it along with you. We promise to be kind. And I’m debating bringing along the first chapter of a book I’m scribbling so I’d like not to be the only one baring my soul. But it’s not compulsory.

See you there!

My apologies for there being no September meeting but what with the exciting launch of Nottingham’s Festival of Words and my general exhaustion it seemed easier to call it off. But we’re back and raring to go this month! (Did you notice how positive I sounded there – yep, high on caffeine again.) So here are the meeting dates for the rest of the year!

Wednesday 10 October

Wednesday 14 November

and Wednesday 12 December

No homework planned yet though I think we should do something suitably festive for December. Suggestions on a comment/ tweet etc please.

All meetings are, as usual, at Lee Rosy’s tea rooms and kick off at 7pm. New members always welcome – bring a pen & paper!

See you soon!

Closes 30th Sept – poetry and short story categories… am lovin’ that typewriter. — Winning Words (@WinningWordsUK)

What an August meeting we had! Tales of creepy men, hockey and waitresses all sprung from the theme “Gut reaction”. Thanks to all who came and who edited and made suggestions to each others’ work with such skill and tact. The results will be rewritten for homework this month and read out at the next group so if you’re intrigued, then come along!

When is the next meeting, I hear you ask? Why, it’s 12 September at 7pm in Lee Rosy’s tea room. Bring paper and a pen (yes, Nick, that means you!) and we’ll see you there.


Right! I’m back from maternity leave and raring to go. It’s amazing how much writing you get done in your head while you’re breastfeeding. Now if only I had time to get it all down on paper…

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 15th August at 7pm, in Lee Rosy’s tea roon as usual. There’s no homework to prepare this month but please come ready to write something on demand – we’ll do some kind of exercise to get us back up to speed.

We would love to see new members some along to the group so please do feel free to come and join us – you’ll spot us as there’ll be paper spread out all over a table. As an extra signal to newbies, I will also have a homemade felt portion of chips on the table – yes, you read that right!

Hope to see you there in August, in the meantime if you have any questions please contact us below, on Twitter or on Facebook.

Punning has never been my strong point – I can only apologise for the above. Anyway, after a break in May from Rosy’s (all the way across the road to the Broadway’s Mezz bar) we return to our hone for June’s meeting.

20th June at 7pm, Lee Rosy’s tea rooms

Here’s your homework:

Write a reinterpreted version of Oscar Wilde’s The Nightingale and the Rose in around 500 words.

You can find the story here:

There’s lots of scope for different readings of this so go mad.

July’s homework will be to rewrite your story following feedback from the rest of the group.

Sound ok? See you there!